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Hi I am trying to improove my lawn, which was started from seed 13 months ago, it is doing well,
I have given it a 4-in-1 dressing 3 weeks ago, which has done a lot of good, can i give it a After-Cut dressing now? I have just cut the lawn, or would they be a conflict and over dressing....
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I don't know what the 4 in 1 dressing was, but presumably it was a chemical formula of some kind, and its always best to wait 6 weeks between dressings, particularly if they are granular in formulation.

3 Aug, 2012


Yes it is one of those Evergreen or something like that, and Westlands After-cut.

But, thank you verry much for your reply, I will take your advice, I see that on the 4-in-1 it only said ..'' a further application might be required ''.... so by that, and your comment, I deduce they would suggest no further aplications within the 6 weeks,

Thanks once again,

3 Aug, 2012


Well that's interesting - the boxes usually say repeat after 6 weeks to 2 months, but not past end July, or they used to...

3 Aug, 2012

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