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i have an indian bean and it has been planted for about 6 years i have had no beans from it and about this time of year the leaves wilt and fall off it is about 8 foot tall now one day its ok and lovely the next its wilting? and i dont know why?????



You haven't any beans because it hasn't flowered - these need to be mature before flowering and setting bean pods, often taking up to 25 years to do so, I'm afraid. As for the wilting, not sure why that's happening - need to know more about its growing conditions. They will grow in any soil, but prefer a moist but well drained (yes, I know, talk about a contradiction) rich and fertile, heavyish soil in a very sunny spot out of strong winds. If its in a windy spot, that might explain the wilting, specially if it happens after or during a very windy period.

3 Aug, 2012


are the beans used for anything?

4 Aug, 2012

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