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marigolds just a snail problem?leaves eaten from stalk just leaving flower.



Sadly they can be eaten, I gave up growing them in the ground as they got eaten to death. I now grow them in pots on feet and they fare better.

2 Aug, 2012


A lot of mine are the same. I confused them as plants slugs hated as ones to use to protect other plant as slugs love them.

2 Aug, 2012


You are on the right track Kildermore, as you can plant them among vegetables to protect against Aphids?

2 Aug, 2012


Yeah, I wanted to use them as front border colour and barrier to keep Hosta and Delphinum and the like from being eaten to death. I thought their pungent odour stopped does but attracts them to Marigold themselves, which is fair enough for me! So most are straggly looking things with orange or yellow flowers.

2 Aug, 2012


I've given them up in despair as all I eve got were stalks with a few raggy flowers on some of them.

2 Aug, 2012


I wish aomeone would tell Spanish slugs that Marigolds are delicious! I see the wretches' trails going past the marigolds and on to plants I want to keep!

3 Aug, 2012

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