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By Bazza77

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

This may sound strange,but ive got a few clamatis plants along a wall,i bought a few new ones this year with white blooms on.they are only young clamatis but they have just started to flower and there purple blooms.How can this be? They had whit blooms on when i bought them,and even the fist few weeks they grew new white blooms. but now there all purple.



Firstly, you have several plants so are you sure all are white may be one or 2 are purple?

1 Aug, 2012



1 Aug, 2012


While shade variation happens, a complete color change for an entire vine is not reported on by any sources that I can find?
What are the names of your plants? I still think the white ones flowered when due to and the purple ones were later flowering ones which are now coming out. If this is so the labels will tell us?

1 Aug, 2012


No its the same vine,it had a large white fower on it when i bought it and its just produced a large purple one.

1 Aug, 2012


it might a pigmentation thing, not sure if it happens on plants tbh but last year my orange lillies were mixed some were orange and some were so pale they were basically white (usually bright orange) so could be the same sort of thing, but they were fine this year.

1 Aug, 2012

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