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I have been told to prune my tomato plants by removing the

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sideshoots. How do I tell which are the sideshoots?



They are the little shoots that grow out of the joint where the leaves join the main stem

10 Jun, 2009


i tell my girls to think of it as being like an upside down armpit. you have the main stem with the large leaves coming off. sometimes in the v that it makes you get a small shoot. this is the side shoot. it will easily 'tear' out if you pull it gently to the side.

10 Jun, 2009


Brilliant description, Seaburngirl. lol

10 Jun, 2009


Brilliant descriptions but just be careful you dont remove a whole truss of tomatoes as they can look like a side shoot. Good luck.

10 Jun, 2009


I recetly thought i was removing side shoots but since realised I was actually removing possible flowers!!

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great explanation SBG ever thought of teaching

x x x

10 Jun, 2009


yep. thought about it!

all those long holidays to potter in the garden. but no doubt lots of lesson prep to :o(
eldest brother a retired teacher. lots of time to garden now. so i'd like to be like him lol

10 Jun, 2009


But how great would it be to look back and think you could of helped teach the next Jekka, Alan or even the lovely Joe swift

or just teach everyday kids and see them grow up. Must be very rewarding

respect for all teachers
x x x

11 Jun, 2009

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