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Can anybody explain what a 'systemic' fungicide is?

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I don't really need to include a photo for this question, do I? But I have anyway, picture of sprayer just for a laugh. Ha, ha! Suppose I have a plant which is a little bit fungusy all over. If I spray a systemic fungicide on one half of a plant, just on one side of it, will it then be absorbed through the leaf and stem surfaces into the whole plant, including down into the roots system, and then kick out all fungus, including on the side on which I hadn't sprayed any? Is this what is meant by 'systemic'?




Yes, Jonathan. Exactly.
A systemic fungicide is absorbed throughout the whole plant. Any bugs or stuff will then be killed on the poisonous sap after the initial spraying and killing.

You need to find out which fungus you have though. A systemic spray may not be needed.

9 Jun, 2009


Llew's exactly right - think of it as if you've sprayed it on a human and it gets into the bloodstream, so anything that sucks your blood gets a dose of fungicide too. Substitute sap and plant in the right place:-)

9 Jun, 2009


I am confused. Are you saying that fungicides also kill insect pestsby being toxic to them? So presumably a 'systemic fungicide' will indeed absorb throughout the whole plant and kill all fungus anywhere on the plant? ... And insects too??

9 Jun, 2009



9 Jun, 2009


No, if you want the same effect on insects rather than fungus, then you need a systemic pesticide. Sorry if I confused you.

9 Jun, 2009


Yep. My apologies too, Jonathan. I shouldn't have put 'bugs' in my first answer. Doh!!!!

Fungicides and Pesticides do different things, but systemics of either one will be absorbed throughout the plant.

9 Jun, 2009


And just to round this off nicely, you could always use something like Roseclear, which is a combined systemic insecticide/fungicide!

10 Jun, 2009

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