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What plant is this?

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Flowers occasionally with "lily-like" flowers.




Hiya... looks like an Amaryllis to me, normally has one thick stem in the middle and 4 or more flowers coming off it....hope this helps....oh and normally flower once a year i think

8 Jun, 2009


I agree Amaryllis

8 Jun, 2009


can also be called hippeastrum [spelling ?]

8 Jun, 2009


looks like a nerine to me :o)

8 Jun, 2009


they are all in the same plant family. but as it appears to be an indoor plant the amaryllis is the best shot, i think :o)

8 Jun, 2009


Looks like Amaryllis to me too. We leave ours in the pot until about September to let it put some strength back into the bulb, then cut the leaves off, take the bulb out of the soil and store it somewhere dry and dark, like in a box in the basement. Then around mid-December we repot them, and they leaf and bloom in time for New Year or shortly thereafter. Yours looks very healthy. Take a look at members' photos of Amaryllis - lots of different colours - and see if the blooms look familiar.

8 Jun, 2009


Thanks very much for all your feedback. We agree that it is an Amaryllis. We will follow your advice and hope for some lovely blooms. Cheers.

8 Jun, 2009


Looks like you have it planted rather too deep. Should have half the bulb (or at least a third) above the soil level. The width of the pot in relation to the diameter of the bulb is also important.

9 Jun, 2009

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