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Horses Tails


By Turnip

manchester, United Kingdom Gb

My Garden path is full of them, How can I get rid of them? I can't pull them up as they are in the tarmac??????????
Also is it too late to plant peas???



With the horsetail, you can either just persevere and cut off anything that comes through, until it stops. Or crush the stems and spray with a glyphosate weedkiller. You may have to do this several times as it is a very tenacious weed and has been around since the dinosaurs were around!! It may simply pop up away from the path. Bad luck, but keep at it and you will be able to control it if not eradicate it.
For peas, yes you can still sow peas including mange tout. Watch out for pea pod caterpillars on later peas. They bore tiny holes to get into the seed pod.

8 Jun, 2009

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