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how do you get rid of daisys from lawns


By Jsp

United Kingdom Gb

lawn full of daisys every 3 days



Use lawn weed feed treatment according to the instructions on the box - it might eventually reduce the number of daisy plants. Once they stop flowering in a couple of weeks, you won't notice them so much anyway, if that's any comfort.

7 Jun, 2009


i didnt know that daisies stop flowering. Always assumed it was because the lawn was drying out in the summer.... amazing, thanks Bamboo

7 Jun, 2009


Give it plenty of Nitrogen, or a fertiliser high in will give your hungry lawn a good boost! it gets very hungry as you mow regularly and takes all the goodness out of the plant, when the Daisies have chance to flurish, give it a dressing every few weeks. The stronger and richer the ground the less the daisies will flourish. As bamboo says lawn weed and feed but I would not put that on every few weeks as it will knock the fine grasses which you want in your lawn.

8 Jun, 2009


I am sorry I was a bit careless with my words on re -reading what I have written I should not have used plenty of nitrogen! that was carelessly worded,If you are not used to spreading fertiliser it could be taken literally! you can burn the grass with TOO much nitrogen in one go but broadcast the granules thinly but with a 2 week aplication to build up the nutriants gently.

8 Jun, 2009

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