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is it advisable to plant eucalyptus gunii near to your home

Ireland Ie

my neighbour has one and it must be sixty foot and im starting to get worried as it is beside my house



Any trees too near a house can pose problems, as the root systems spread out too and can damage foundations. It might be an idea to chat to your neighbours about it - is it near their house as well?

7 Jun, 2009


When I was doing my training, we were told that this particular tree was the deepest rooting tree of all. Spritzhenry's right, large trees shouldn't be planted within 40 to 50 feet of a house, but probably your neighbour is unaware of that.

7 Jun, 2009


my neighbour is aware of the tree as i have spoken to her about it but is reluctant to do anything as she loves the tree yes it is about eight foot from my house

16 Jun, 2009


Far too close - does your neighbour realise that your foundations are at risk? How far is it from them?

16 Jun, 2009

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