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why hasn't my mock orange flowered?

lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have had my mock orange for 4 yrs and it has never flowered. I have 2 others in the garden and they flower beautifully. I have never pruned any of them.



If its the yellow form they really struggle to produce even a few flowers. sometimes too much fertilizer could be the problem but Im assuming your feeding them all the same

7 Jun, 2009


Pruning them after flowering not only keeps the shape of the shrub, but stimulates new shoots which will produce the flowers next year. Maybe you could trim the non-flowering one in July with the others after the normal flowering period, and see if it helps for next year.

7 Jun, 2009


3 years ago when i moved here the mock orange was full of flowers. It then recieved a huge haircut from my mum that was visiting and didnt do anything the following year. This year however it has loads of flower buds, and not much black fly as I also remember it having lots last year.

7 Jun, 2009


You could google Lepidoptera Breeders Asscociation, they use Citrus species to raise butterflies and moths.

8 Jun, 2009


dear treesandthings

8 Jun, 2009

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