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Hi All,
I have two Christmas cactis, got them last christmas when they had flowers, since then they have not flowered. I have both of them in the kitchen window, i water and feed only when they dry out, my question is have i got them in the right place, and how often to feed and water?...............




I have one , I put out in the summer in the garden in full sun , tomatoe food is best once every two weeks , watch out for slugs though, bring in before the 1st frost (dont forget).

They flower normaly December/ January so having a speing summer break.


20 Jul, 2012


I leave mine in the same place as they flower and only water when I remember!!about once a month. One of them (I have three) flowered again around Easter. I think they thrive on neglect!

20 Jul, 2012


I thought they flowered when the right level of dark night stimulates them to flower. They are pollinated by night moths in the wild. So sunny during day and dark at night and they should flower, normally dec-Feb. No reason to have direct sun, they are not cacti in the strict sense, they are succulents.

20 Jul, 2012


Discovered mine weren't getting enough light when they didn't flower and always put mine out in the garden for the summer - usually under the shade of an outside plant. They always flower now.

20 Jul, 2012


They grow on trees in the wild as orchids do, so they don't need a lot of direct sun like other cacti. Only feed in spring after flowering and only once or twice is enough. In later summer let them dry out - don't worry if they go a bit wrinkly. When you want them to flower give them a good soaking and stand by! As Kildermorie says they are better with normal daylight/darkness cycles and they are happy to go outside for the summer but I wouldn't put them in full strong sun all day. Slugs love them so put them somewhere they are unlikely to find them. Sorry K, but they are actually cacti though they don't look like it at first sight. ! You can tell the difference because cacti have little clusters of hairs that the spines grow out of and the other succulents don't. :)

20 Jul, 2012


Ah yes, Christmas Cacti are Cacti not a succulent. I meant to say they act more like succulents ie cold tolerant, shade loving, mist loving - slug loving!

22 Jul, 2012


Right on, Kildermorie, slugs lunch coming up!

22 Jul, 2012

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