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Trying to identify a favourite tree


By Lenpoi

United Kingdom Gb

We've had a tree in our garden which the bluetits love, ever since we moved into the house 35 years ago, but sadly it's now dying It was a mature tree then, so it's probably just reached the end of its life. We would love to replace it with an identical one, but no one can tell us what it is. It's small- which it has to be-(3.5m) and has red leaves & pink flowers in spring.
It also bears a small hard red fruit. It produces buds each year all down its trunk. We've had to remove these regularly to prevent branches forming. Because of this, we wonder if it's in fact a type of large shrub. I've added atwo photos as extra clues.
If anyone can help us identify it, we would be really grateful.




Could be a purple leaved crab apple - Malus lemoinei possibly - this produces a red fruit, has reddish purple leaves and reddish flowers

5 Jun, 2009


A crab apple would be my suggestion too, although not sure of variety. Hope you find one!

5 Jun, 2009


Pretty sure it is a Marlus (Crab Apple) lemoinei as Bamboo says or Liset, You will see photos of mine in my photos on my page. Page 2, 2nd and 3rd line there are 3 shots of it, the leaves get darker and the fruit is very small like Blackcurrant size dark red.

5 Jun, 2009


Certainly agree with Bamboo and Loulou
your description fits crab apple perfectly

One suggestion though do you need to replace with exactly same variety ?

From details this tree nearly 50 years old and many new varieties with the same characteristics been added.

Check out Malus ' Profusion ' for example .

5 Jun, 2009


Perhaps Prunus cerasifera pissardii are thei inside of the fruits plum stones or apple seeds?

5 Jun, 2009


Many thanks to all of you.
I'm now convinced that our tree is a Malus x purpurea "Lemoinel" Purple leaved crab apple.
I've been researching this on the web and there seems to be at least 2 versions of this tree/shrub - both with exactly the same name.
On it is described as 1.5 to 3m height and on it is described as 8m height, which would be far too big for our garden.
Is there any way of ensuring that I get one which will be 3 to 4m height?
Once again, many thanks. You all seem very freindly and the web site is great.

6 Jun, 2009

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