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How do Iknow if they are male cucumbers? and Should it go outside or take over my kitchen?

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

I am a novice and have a cucumber plant on my kitchen window sill, it is about 4 foot tall with about 9 little cucumbers (I think) growing between the stem and leaves They feel like they have little spots on them so I am assuming they are ridge cucumbers, unfortunately my grandson ran off with thelabel so I do not know what type it is. I was told that I should pinch out some of the little cucumbers and definitely take the males off. can anyone help me please.



The male flowers do not have little cucumbers behind them , only the females have them

5 Jun, 2009


At four feet it maybe time to nip out the growing tip , this will have the effect of the plant putting out side shoots that may require support but does mean the plant will be a bit bushier and stronger

5 Jun, 2009

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