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i have planted a clematis ( piilu) i left it. and it was flourishing with green leaves and an abundance of buds with 1 actual beautiful flower. i watered it. then i didn't get back for 2 days it was very hot and 3/4 of it had wilted and died.


By Nomad1

United Kingdom Gb

it is typical london soil-chalky. i dug it out put multi-purpose compost down with horse manure and bonemeal. i put bug spray on it maybe 3-4 times, as the leaves at one point looked a bit white powdery and there was green fly on it. after that it was flourishing. i planted it about 2 months ago and have been watering it regularly. please help i don't want it to die, maybe i didn't tie it up properly.?

On plant piilu summer-flowering clematis




Have you got the plant in full sun? It likes to have cool roots. Also unless the horse manure was very well rotted it is possibly to strong for your clematis.

5 Jun, 2009


I would cut out what seems to be dead to the base. Also, water it really well and mulch it too. Clematis like their roots to be cool, so if you can place stones around the base, taking care not to damage any new shoots, this can help. The other less pleasant possibility is that is has succumbed to clematis wilt. This happens overnight and I am afraid that there is little that can be done other than cut out affected growth and hope that it will re shoot from under the ground. Planting clematis deeper than they are growing in the pot when you buy them can go some way to avoiding this problem. Large flowered clematis are particularly vulnerable.

5 Jun, 2009

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