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Apple Tree

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I planted an apple tree last year and it seemed to be doing very well. A few weeks ago there were about 8 little apples, then there were 5, and now there are 2! Birds do you think? No apples on the ground.



Could be anything, ?squirrels. Still, since you probably should not let a young tree produce fruit, it is saving the plant for the future.

5 Jun, 2009


Owdboggy is right actually. Carol Klein in her book, "grow your own fruit" recommends taking blossom off new fruit trees to get the tree to establish it's roots. That will then provide you with a better crop in future years.

5 Jun, 2009


You should not let it have more than a couple of fruits in it's first year as it needs to use it's energy on root growth. But at least you know it can flower. Keep it watered over the summer and keep a metre wide circle of bare ( but mulched) soil around the base.

5 Jun, 2009


Great advice and information as always. Thank you.

5 Jun, 2009

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