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how do I look after a psitsassy?


By Cinders

United Kingdom Gb

i was given it as a present from Spain.



Are you sure that is the correct name for the plant?

4 Jun, 2009


If you Google it you get lots of foreign sites with foreign words. We need an interpreter!

5 Jun, 2009


The way to look after a pissed-arsey, is to put him to bed, not to cook any dinner for him, refuse him any sex, and not to allow him any money to go shopping with. And make sure you let him know who's boss!

5 Jun, 2009


Well I can read German but am still none the wiser as to what the plant is!

5 Jun, 2009


It might be a heliconia! If its not please don't send the lynch mob.

5 Jun, 2009
x x x

hhope it helps

5 Jun, 2009

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