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Morello Cherry Tree's


By Ceseari

United Kingdom Gb

My cherry tree's get attacked every year ,[around this tme of year ,;;; ]by colonies of ants. I've moved them ,,,, carefully, and I've also cleared around the root boul. One is a cutting from the other.The main one is not so bad this year . The cutting, which I put into a large plastic recepticle, has curled leaves where the ants are farming their aphids looks wragged. I've tried greased bandages as well. I have a large garden with a fish pond, several fruit tree's, a selection of evergreens and nice sunshine. Any information on keeping the ants away from them? Thank-you



Seaweed solution as a spray is pretty good. It tastes horrid to pests, as well as being good for plants. Good luck!

4 Jun, 2009


Can seaweed solution be bought or have you got to concoct it yourself'? I'm trying to be 100 per cent organic so this would be great for me.

5 Jun, 2009


Joanii, nope, got it from the gc! In a bottle, you just mix a small amount with water and I popped it in a new spray bottle. It smells, but works a treat! Once a fortnight would be good!

5 Jun, 2009


Cheers Craftnutter!

5 Jun, 2009

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