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to get the best colley flowers



Hi Terry and welcome to GoY. Are you asking how to grow cauliflowers? Need a good rich well manured/composted soil as they need a lot of feed. Bit late to be planting out seedlings this year but you could try. Keep the leaves curled in over the flower/curd and good luck!

16 Jul, 2012


Also they need to be grown without any sort of check to the growth at any stage as for some reason this seems to prevent them developing good curds.

16 Jul, 2012


Good point Steragram we've given up on both them and calabrese they just wont curd up for us.

17 Jul, 2012


I once tried growing them on my allotment and so did the man on the next one. His family was ill and he neglected the plot all summer. His caulis were wonderful in amongst the couch grass, and mine a total flop. That's life!

19 Jul, 2012


Lol Steragram!

19 Jul, 2012


Lol indeed but I didn't laugh at the time!

21 Jul, 2012


No I wouldn't have done so either!

22 Jul, 2012

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