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Re: Climbing Rose "installation".

Hi everyone !
I have just purchased a climbing rose named "New Dawn". I haven't ever grown a climbing rose before and would appreciate any advice regarding growing site and care etc.
I intend siting it on one side of my front porch At present the area doesnt have soil, only tarmac. Will it be appropriate to grow this rose in a tub and if so what would be the best container and soil medium, etc?
It will be South facing, so will receive a lot of sunshine, (dream on !), in the afternoons. I guess there will be a propensity for it to dry out easily in sunny conditions.

I have grown a Ceanothus in this same spot and it was continually attacked by Scale insect and died.

Would it be best to dig up the tarmac rather than plant it in a container ?

I rest my case. All comments greatly appreciated.



The rule of thumb for climbers in containers goes like this:
Average the height and width of the area you want to cover, and divide by three. That will give you the dimensions of the container you will need.
For example: You want to cover an area 2 meters high and 3 meters wide. That averages to 250 cm. Divided by three is about 83 cm, so you will need a pot that wide and deep.
As you can see, it will probably require a massive pot!
If you dig up the tarmac, be sure to replace the compacted aggregate underneath with garden soil before planting.

16 Jul, 2012

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