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Moving an acer before it dies?


By Shem

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I'm a newbie and also a gardening novice. I moved into my own home two years ago, mum gave me an acer shrub which i planted in the front garden. It seemed ok last year, but this year i noticed the stems have turned white and the leaves have gone crispy. Having actually done some research i've discovered i've planted it in the completely wrong spot, it's windy and gets full sun in the afternoon when its hottest. The soil is sandy and therefore very dry. The poor thing must be frazzled!
Anyway, i really don't want it to die, but i'm worried if i try and move it now it will die, but if i leave it where it is getting 'burnt' will it also die?
I was just wondering if anyone had any advice!?
Thank you.



You don't say which variety of Acer this is, and some respond better than others. Assuming it's a green leafed variety you may be able to rescue it (worth a try if it's red leaved or marbled, too).
First, give it a good soaking. Next, erect some kind of temporary windbreak/sun barrier around it. This only needs to be a few canes with some horticultural fleece or even a piece of old net curtain secured around them.
Water it daily, and continue to check that the protection remains secure. Keep checking for improvements in condition, e.g. new leaves, general 'perkiness'.
If it seems to be improving, wait until either early September or even April 2010 to move it. Moving in September will give it chance to settle and put down new roots before winter sets in. When you move it, water it in and keep it watered daily until it shows signs of having settled.
Hope this is of help. All the best. Bbb

3 Jun, 2009


It has been really windy at the start of the growing season, and I have experienced similar results, I would be tempted to leave it where it is, keep it really well watered being careful not to splash water on the foliage during sunny weather, as this can scorch, and move it when dormant to a more suitable spot.later in the year
good luck!

3 Jun, 2009


Thank you! I'll construct a wind break tonight and give it a good drink. Its a really pretty red one, so i hope it'll stick around.

3 Jun, 2009


Welcome to GOY Shem....:>)

3 Jun, 2009

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