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bottle brush flowered 1st.year. now in its 3rd.year and no flowers soil and feed correct can you help?


By Anzac

United Kingdom Gb

bottle brush in large pot correct soil and fed regular with recomended fertilizer.flowered firsy year now in its third year and no flower foliage green and plenty

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Mine flowereed abundantly two years ago, but not last year not so far in this. I suspect the average temperature is not high enough

2 Jun, 2009


When you say recommended fertiliser, what does that mean? Perhaps the NPK (ratio of nitrogen to phosporus, and potassium) isn't right. High nitrogren feeds ensure lots of leaves, not so great for flowers. I rarely feed mine at all, it's in a pot, only its second year, and it's flowering now. If I feed it, it gets a dose of all purpose Miracle Gro.

3 Jun, 2009

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