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I have ivy growing from an unreachable gap between house wall and neighbour's fence. I can't get nearer than five feet to the roots. How can I kill this beast, which I have to climb on the roof each year to stop it covering the neighbour's bedroom window?
Help and advice much needed!



Can you aim a sprayer at it and spray it with SBK brushwood killer or get a length of hosepipe and pour some neat bleach onto the soil near its roots. soil around it.

Ivies aren't the easiest of things to kill even with easy access but I guess one or both of the above could be effective.

Alternatively attach a small garden saw to a pole ( or buy one made up ... google long handled garden saw) and saw it off near the base. It will resprout but you won't have to cut it very often

15 Jul, 2012


Thank you Anchorman. There is a hedgehog living down this 6ft long but only hand width gap. He might have family or friends.

I hate the idea of bleaching or sawing him and his possible family, but he is probably at the far end of this cul-de-sac.

Having got a good suggestion from growsonyou, perhaps I need the RSPCA before following this route?

15 Jul, 2012


You could take advice from the RSPCA or one of the hedgehog charities although i suspect if you poked around a bit with a stick first the hog would move away safely. It would only be if there's a nest down there and there are hog babies too small to move there would be a problem,

If you can get a long handled saw down there to cut the stem then I doubt this would harm the hedgehogs.

15 Jul, 2012

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