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can anyone help please ? I Have had a problenm which has slightly improved but not much over the past tghre years in my garden Vegitable patch in particular.

The problem is some plants thrive others simply wont grow at all in particular my tomatoes, tried all sorts but the same problem each year, I assume it must be something in the ground but simply dont know how to solve it. Lots of compost and Manuer but still the problem exists.

The issue sems to be leaves at first on some plants Tomatoes sufefr the most but they seem to go black all over wilt and evetually the whole plant just dies this was mostly my vegitible area but this year seems to have spread toother plants again surprisingly asmall tree seems to be suffereing and wilting to death.

I know water has been a big issues this year ie too much but can anyone advise what you think it might be and what I need to do to get rid and cure to make my garden lovely again ?

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Have you a picture of the problem? Odd that something should attack Tomatoes and a tree. Toms often get Blight which turns leaves black (ish) and the plant wilts, but Blight on Toms does not affect trees.
If you have had blight on tomatoes then it could well be remaining as spores in the soil. Only other thing I can think of is Aminopyralid weed killer contamination in the manure. Where did you get it from?

15 Jul, 2012


tried to add photos but did not seem to work ? I wonder if there is something in the soil but the manure was only bought this year and from a large garden centre so should be ok. I will try and get photos again maybe several different things but find it strange some things are fine like Potatoes thriving in the same ground. Thank you fro your help so far.

15 Jul, 2012


photos uploaded now so any ideas would be appreciated thanks.

15 Jul, 2012


Your tomato plant has blight if they all look like that they beed to be removed from the ground and binned or burnt, don't put in your compost or the recycling bin. Do you grow your tomatoes in a different area of the veg. garden each year? Also don't grow any of the solanum family, potatoes, peppers etc., in that area for the next four years.

Difficult to tell with the tree we need a closeup of the leaves but could be mildew.

16 Jul, 2012


That really is bad Blight on that tomato plant.
What is the plant in the bottom picture?
And the Aminopyralid contamination was in Manure bought from Garden Centres as well as in stuff from Farms.

16 Jul, 2012


The plant at the bottom looks like a Lily, badly chewed by something.

16 Jul, 2012

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