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How do I prune Rhododendrons


By Rhodo

United Kingdom Gb

My rhododendrons are getting leggy



Hi, you have to take your courage in both hands and just cut it right back to about 12 inches or 18 inches if you want. You will loose flowers for a year but the result will be fantastic. We cut ours back 5 years ago and it is as big again now with twice as many flowers. Good luck, I'm sure you will be glad you had a go.

2 Jun, 2009


Depends what type it is, Mothergoose. There are two general types - those that show growth buds lower down and those that don't. Yours must be the first type - if you did it to the second type it would probably die. So poke around underneath the canopy, Rhodo and see what type you have.

3 Jun, 2009

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