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Do you have advice for gardening in AZ?

Asked from the GoYpedia african violets page



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14 Jul, 2012


Pamg - I think he/she means advice for gardening in Arizona.

14 Jul, 2012


Where ever you live the best place to start is by looking at what is around you. What do other people grow, what is nature growing and what does your local store or garden centre stock. Don't be frightened about asking strangers about their own gardens. In the main, unless they pull a gun on you, you will find people only too willing to discuss their own gardens. Might even make some new friends.

14 Jul, 2012


Hello Gkk..Welcome to GoY

We do have a member in Arizona who has an astounding garden...If you type 'Noahsgarden' in our search box top right you will see for yourself and hopefully gain some inspiration.

14 Jul, 2012


Oops!. :0)

15 Jul, 2012

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