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this is my first time planting potatoes... I just took some store bought russets and cut them up once they were no longer useful to cook and planted them... they are now over 2 ft tall and I have not seen them flower yet.... will they flower? when? Also I didn't know when I was supposed to "Hill" them up....until I read something online last week .... so I "Hilled" them then. I have some in a potato pot and have checked them but didn't see any potatoes yet. (don't want to jump the gun on messing with the plants and ruin the harvest). Any sage advice welcomed :-)



Although they flower don't use this as an indication that they are ready. If they do flower take them off. Main Crop potatoes will be ready when the tops start dying down. 'Hilling' them up, or 'earthing' in England, is a means of increasing your crop. In the same way when you are growing them in a pot you add more soil/compost as they grow so they form more potatoes. Don't be in too much of a hurry and don't be disappointed either if your results don't meet your expectations based on books, it's early day.
It is not usually a good idea to use potatoes that you buy to eat because this can introduce disease. It is better to buy stock specifically for planting. These are usually certified a good quality. That's the case in England anyway. Good luck with your crop.

14 Jul, 2012



Thank you for the advise... next year I will purchase some seed potatoes and try them..... I am trying to do organic, so thought recycling the ones I had was a good idea :-/

15 Jul, 2012

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