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By Aina

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi there sorry another question
I am having trouble with cherry tree this year apart from the pigeons putting on there bibs and taking the decent cherries again. we appear to have a lot of leave curl on the trees this year more than other years.
I wonder whether this is due to the weird weather that we have been experiencing in hertfordshire.

I am keeping an eye on the lower cherry branches but the cherries there seem to have splits naturally in them and some of them are growing with dark spots on. We have never had this problem before.
The Cherry tree is taller than our nextdoor neighbours house and now has about 7 sucker trees as well around it due to my being ill last year and for the first part of this year and no one else in my family going out to get rid of them.
I will try and put a photo on the site tonight so that you can all see the problem.



Check the inside/underneath the curled leaves - you're looking for tiny black deposits or what are actually tiny aphids.

12 Jul, 2012


Keep your cherry well watered to counter the dehydration caused by the aphids. Remove infected, curled leaves. For more drastic action ... Ants farm aphids for their sweet excretia, so if you have ants in the tree, kill them with a powder or spray at the base or by their nest, as they will only carry next year's aphids back up the trunk again to farm them!! The damp warm weather has produced an explosion of aphids, but the ladybirds are still only catching up. If all goes well next year, we should have an explosion of ladybirds!!

13 Jul, 2012

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