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What are the best repeat blooming climbing roses?


By Geoffo

Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

I'm looking for a climber that will flower most of the summer. Drawn toward pink or red. Which roses are the best for repeat blooming?



You need to beg, borrow or buy a copy of The Rose Expert by D. G. Hessayon - so many roses to choose from, and he gives you the lowdown on whether they do what they say they do on the label.

29 May, 2009


Hi I inherited a climbing rose when we moved here called Madame Alfred
Carriere. It is white but tinged pink.
It is flowering now and will continue throughout the Summer and into Autumn. It is very fragrant and another bonus it is almost thornless!
I believe it is a very old rose. Hope this helps.

29 May, 2009


I'm sure David Austin Roses will have a solution for you, as they breed so many of them to repeat flower. A choice of rose is a persoal thing, so is best to have a study of their illustrated catalogue. I'm sure you will find some pink or red climbers to go on and on producing flowers. You won't be disappointed. I too have some which flower through the summer and on into the autumn. They truly are a long flowering plant of the garden.

29 May, 2009


we have purchased several 'david austin' climbing roses , all repeat flowering and doing very check out your local garden centres , i am sure you will find what you want.

30 May, 2009


The pinkest pink there is - and no thorns - Zepherine Drouhin.

30 May, 2009

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