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Hi I have a , wat I presume to be coniferous tree which consists of three stems (trunks) approx 4" diameter . I had some tome ago taken off the lower branches up to about 5 ft therefore creating a pom pom / cloud type I took the pom pom 's much higher to about 7ft but am not happy with the effect . If I lop the trunks at about 5ft will they spout again?



Hi Stejco and welcome to GoY could you edit your question and add a photo without one it is almost impossible to answer as you do nor know which conifer you have - assuming it is a conifer.

9 Jul, 2012


Welcome from me as well. If they are conifers and you cut all the green off they will not regrow.

9 Jul, 2012


Hello Stejco! For some reason, most conifer trees are happy to have their tops taken off but if you cut back the sides too hard they die back. Yews and spruces are the exception, which can be taken back to the trunks and they will re-sprout. Which conifer you have, as MG, asks is the question! Leylandii, for instance, will happily be topped but you cannot cut it hard on its sides without it dying back. You can always tell a conifer hedge that has been trimmed too hard! Does anyone know the biology for this?

9 Jul, 2012

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