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Why have I only 2 ferns this year?

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I have a tree fern for several years now and always get at least a dozen ferns each year. I cut it back in late autumn and wrap it up well but this year only two ferns have grown and there does not appear to be any more to follow. What has happened?



I've heard of someone else having trouble with their tree fern this year too - not sure why, but could it be something to do with the cold winter we had this time?

29 May, 2009


Yes the very cold weather looks like it has killed off many tree ferns. Any moisture that was in the crown would have completely frozen and stayed like that for three weeks or more and when it starts to defrost the fronds are so tender and just rot. I have lost one that I have had for 10 years. It was about 60 years old when I bought it. Gutted!

29 May, 2009

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