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growing leylandis from cuttings

Antrim, United Kingdom Gb

Hello everyone, just wondering has anyone grown leyandis from cuttings taken off older trees. I know my grandfather used to grow them. Would love to know if anyone has had success.




Why? There are enough of these in the world already!

5 Jun, 2009


Thanks for the reply volunteer, but i am wanting to grow some to plant on the outside of my site, and yes before you say anything i am out in the country and the nearest house to me is over a mile away!! Need something to grow fast to give my garden a windbreak.

also i love these trees if they are grown in the right place

5 Jun, 2009


OK. Enough said. At least you are away from other gardens. Actually, they are magnificent in the right place. Use fairly young growth, about 3 inches long, strip off the lower needles and dibble them into a light, loose compost mix with some vermiculite. Bottom heat (seed tray propagator or similar) will speed it up. You will have to grow them on in a nursery bed for a year or two before planting them out. You could get some cheap small trees of this from a hedging supplier, it would cost money but would be quicker. Hedging plants are the same as the ones sold as trees, just smaller.

8 Jun, 2009


Thanks for the reply, it isn't about the cost it is just about the novelty of growing these myself. Want to take cutting from trees my grandfather planted and try to get some of them in my garden. Just being very sentimental!

Thanks again


10 Jun, 2009

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