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I planted my garlic last December and harvested it at the beginning of July. The tops were two to three feet high but the garlic was not that big. Did I plant the corms too deep - about two inches down?



The classic time for harvesting is in late summer, and so far this year, we have not even started summer. :o(( If the tops had fallen over already then I suppose you had no choice but you say that they were tall so I suspect that that is the problem. You planted at the right time to give them their cold period but harvested too early for their warm period.

8 Jul, 2012


Regarding the 'planted at 2" deep" comment - we always plant with the 'nose' of the corm slightly above ground and have always had decent-sized bulbs. I do remember planting garlic corms at the base of roses when I lived in Essex years ago, to deter aphids and to -hopefully- have more garlic to use in cooking, but nothing ever grew from them. Maybe because I used corms from supermarket bulbs or ..... maybe I planted too deep and they rotted before they could grow?

9 Jul, 2012


Thank you everyone for all your advice. What a lovely web site this is.

9 Jul, 2012

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