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why is my aloe vera going orangey brown at the ends ?

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I have a very large aloe vera plant in my conservatory. it was very healthy and going strong. it now has twisted bent stems and is going browny orange with shrivelled tips. I have checked to see if it is root bound and it is not. I have wtaered it and used succulent feed. any ideas?



im new to this and not very experienced but i had a aloe vera given to me that did the same thing and then the whole plant seemed to detach itself from its root, a friend told me id been over watering it though as i say im not very experienced just my experience

28 May, 2009


I have just found this info on the net which is good you asked this as i have just purchased some baby aloe plants:

species is relatively resistant to most insect pests, though mealy bugs, scale insects and aphid species may cause a decline in plant health.[29][30] In pots, the species requires well-drained sandy potting soil and bright sunny conditions. The use of a good quality commercial propagation mix or pre-packaged "cacti and succulent mix" is recommended as they allow good drainage.[31] Terracotta pots are preferable as they are porous.[31] Potted plants should be allowed to completely dry prior to re-watering. During winter, A. vera may become dormant, during which little moisture is required. In areas that receive frost or snow the species is best kept indoors or in heated glasshouses.

i know its long winded but gives a lot of info

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28 May, 2009


it could aslo be due to sun scorch as the conservatory glass can 'magnify' the effects of the sun. the ones on the window sill at work thrives on neglect. so dont overwater. monthly or fortnightly should be enough.

28 May, 2009


I have recently moved one from the kitchen window sill (full sun) to a little table that gets plenty of light but not direct light. It has greened up wonderfully.

28 May, 2009

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