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lawn question


By Kevb

want to get a nice lawn, have just put down weed, feed and moos killer, seems to have killed the moss ( black). Have just bought an electric raker. but seems to be pulling out the grass and leaving the black stuff, any tips on this would be great?



Use a lawn rake, preferably a plastic tined one - the metal ones are better in the autumn because they scratch up much more, but if you've only got a metal one, that's fine, just focus on the mossy areas and leave the rest alone. You might have to throw a bit of seed around if you've ended up with large bare patches. Save your electric machine for the autumn for proper dethatching. For full info on lawns, the best and cheapest book available is The Lawn Expert by D. G. Hessayon, but don't follow his advice about killing off worms, please! (If he's still got it in there, that is)

28 May, 2009

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