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'Mind your own business', does anyone know how to get rid of it? An earlier question referred to malt vinegar for something else. I know someone who uses this for 'Mind your own business' but it doesn't last long and you can't use weedkillers in lawns. Help!.



How about lawn feed and weed would that work?

6 Jul, 2012


"Verdone extra" is designed to kill weeds in lawns but not kill the grass . You water it on the lawn on a dry day si i guess it will be sometime next year ! ;^)

It is effective on almost all weeds and I find it a much better weed killer than the granular weed and feeds used on lawns although ofcourse it doesn't feed the lawn.

For weed infested lawns I apply a granular weed and feed in spring which boosts growth and kills many weeds and then about 4 -6 weeks later apply verdone extra to kill the weeds the weeds the weed and feed hasn't killed. The process can be repeated in August and early september if necessary. It's particularly effective on lesser trefoil which I find granular killers won't touch

It's available from DIY sheds.

6 Jul, 2012


Thanks for your responses but this little stinker is persistent. Verdone is very good as a lawn weed and feed but it doesn't seem to touch this. My father-in-law tried weed killers which killed the grass but this 'weed' came back very quickly. Thanks again.

7 Jul, 2012


Is it the original plant coming back or seedlings. If you've had it in the grass for a while there may well be lots of seeds just waiting to germinate.

7 Jul, 2012


I've just done some research on this issue and it seems mind your own business is impervious to selective weed killers! So to eradicate it you would need to use something like roundup which would ofcourse kill the grass as well but you could reseed the grass once the mind your own business is gone

This is an excellent link for answers to lawn problems

but even they say this on mind your own business in lawns

"How to get rid of "mind your own business" in a lawn?

the short answer is with difficulty.

Boiling water, strong salt solution and glyphosate all work but should NOT be used on the lawn. You are therefore left with cultural control which means keep the mowing height up and rake out and overseed heavy infestations. Maintaining a good lawn care regime will also help so spend a bit of time reading our advice sections.

Perhaps not the answer you're looking for but you can make a considerable difference this way"

7 Jul, 2012

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