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By Sjw

gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anybody know if there is anything you can buy to protect tree trunks. My two lollipop bay trees have a lot of new growth but unfortunately the trunks have numerous cracks in them must have been frost and wind damage. Do you know whether they repair themselves.



I don't think that they would repair themselves because the means of supplying resources has gone. You could try tying with raffia or string, much like a graft, and see if that improve things. If the growth is ok then maybe you do not have a problem.

5 Jul, 2012


You can buy Spiral tree trunk guards in most garden centres. Depending on the cause it may heal over! Not sure these guards will solve your problem though? Do you have a photo.

5 Jul, 2012


Last year rabbits 3/4 barked a young apple tree, we bought an extra long rabbit guard and hoped for the best, it seems to have come through the winter and leafed up, the bark looks better bu we,ll just wait and see how it goes so why not give it a try both ideas and see

5 Jul, 2012

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