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what can i do about the mouldy leaves of my quince tree?

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the leaves are covered with a dusty layer that looks like mould. Something similar is afflicting some of the roses. The tree looks healthy apart from the leaves, but doesn't produce much blossom and only a couple of fruits last year, even tho' it is now 5 yrs old. The garden is well ventilated and the tree stands on its own but gets a good dose of sun as the day passes. It is planted in the right angle crook of a wall, about a foot and a half out from the bottom of the wall, but the roots are therefore in shade all day. Any suggestions welcome. I don't think it's sooty mould because it's not black



No, but it is a fungal infection. You can spray for these by buying yourself a fungicide treatment from the garden centre or wherever. Sounds like a form of mildew and it will spread to your other plants if the weather conditions are right. Might be difficult to spray as it's a tree. Doesn't usually kill the plants its on, but it does look awful and the leaves may fall.

31 May, 2009

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