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what is it !

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we have taken on a large garden and in the border found this ( see photo ) can anyone please identify it ? It's growing fast and should we be digging it up?




Don't dig it's beautiful! But I can't identify it either. May I suggest you take a leaf and go to the local nursery or library, where they sure will identify it for you. If that fails, go to your Shire and ask if it is a noxious weed. If so, they will know at once. Otherwise wait till it has a flower and then take it somewhere. Good luck, I love the shape of the leaves. Reminds me of a Bauhinia blakeana, but that is a tree and has butterfly shaped leaves.

26 May, 2009


It might be a cercis sil....something or other (Judas tree) . Looks like a cercis canadensis leaf, but they're purple, so that's why I think it might be the other one. Both lovely trees anyway, so lucky you, if it is one!

27 May, 2009


cercis siliquastrum was what I was thinking of............

27 May, 2009

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