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How can I deter deer from enjoying my sweet corn?

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I have planted sweet corn in a field away from the house and barn, near where deer graze. How can I deter their eat my crop?



I guess the deer are like kangaroos, they can hop over fences. A kangaroo fence is 6 feet tall, and that is, unless on a hill, a good height. So I am afraid, I can only think of fencing it off, which will be very costly, depending on the size of your cornfield.
I do not know anything about deer, and wouldn't know what things they hate, so they'll stay away. Can you let your dogs sleep close by, they'll sure to bark when something messes about on your property.

26 May, 2009


Well PastorB, Marguerite may not be in the US but she is absolutely correct, the only sure-fire way to keep deer off your crop is to erect a TALL (6 ft or better) fence.
Dogs nearby will somewhat deter them but will not completely keep them away. They are a very big problem in a lot of areas of the US, especially New England and the Mid Atlantic states. The population has mushroomed in the last few decades and I blame it on Disney and what I call "Bambi Syndrome"!

26 May, 2009

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