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my onions,mainly red are growing seed pods,they are not ready for harvesting as the tops are still green,what action can i take.



Cut off the seed heads is all I can suggest. We are looking at a very poor harvest this year. To grow and mature vegetables need sunshine - we simply are not getting this. Bulba hoed moss out from between the veggie rows today. Iy as just been so wet... I wish we had a solution as it looks like we will lose a lot of our veggies

2 Jul, 2012


Agree with MG 75% of my onions have gone to seed. Though they are still bulking up slightly from what i can see.

2 Jul, 2012


If they came from sets then that is a common problem, even in good years. Mine are grown from seed, I have one out of the 40 that survived alium leaf miner that has bolted. Biggest problem for me has been the strong winds blowing them over.

2 Jul, 2012


We've never succeeded from seed Scrumpyg. possibly because of where we live. Just as sowing broad beans in autumn is a waste of time, ground is too cold and wet and they rot.

3 Jul, 2012


Thanks to moongrowe,scrumprat and sensei89 for info on onions going to seed.I think we are all suffering through lack of sunshine. Redshed

4 Jul, 2012


Yes we all are, we are looking at, potentially, no onions this year whilst last year we had a superb harvest!

4 Jul, 2012


I'm about to start getting up the first of my onions for the under 8 oz class. Always a bit difficult to tell the weight, but a few look the size of a tennis ball which is about right.
So it's get one up and get the scales out.
I would normally expect to get them all up in about 2 weeks time, so we are not far off normal. My biggest problem with these onions as I said has been the wind blowing the leaves over, which normally means they stop growing, but I may get away with it.
The red onions are just starting to bulb up.
Sunshine would help a bit though.

I do, as I said, grow from seed sown mid January and plant out strong plants end of April/early May, so I would guess that by doing that i've avoided the problems others are getting.

This shows it in a bit more detail

4 Jul, 2012

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