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Last one, I promise!
This one I've had for 4 years. It has very thick, rubbery leaves, and they wrinkle when underwatered.

Any suggestions on plant name would be appreciated! :D




Is this what is commonly called money tree ?

24 May, 2009


I'm no expert but Money Plant (Crassula ovata) would be my best guess - don't take my word though

24 May, 2009


i agree i think it's a money plant :o)

24 May, 2009


Don't let it dry up - the Chinese think its good luck to have a healthy one of these as it attracts money to the owner! on the other hand don't over water or it'll get yellow leaves and they'll drop off. Also called Crassula ovata I beleive - sometimes called a Jade Tree

24 May, 2009


Thank you all, very much!

24 May, 2009


Its flowers are tiny pale green, easily missed.

30 May, 2009

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