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For the last two years I have sown runner beans and courgettes in my greenhouse and produced strong , healthy plants. I planted them up in a different place in the same plot in early June. After about a week, both plants turned yellow and seemed to be dying, while other crops like leeks, cabbage, and carrots thrived in the same plot. Antone got any ideas why?



This seems to have happened in other places, here included and probably as a result of the unseasonable weather. The other crops you mentioned are tougher so suffer less. You might find the beans improve if the weather does - mine have started climbing now but still look rather sad and thin. Perhaps surrounding them with fleece might help? Can't help with the courgettes unless you can cover them with a cloche of something. I lost mine.

1 Jul, 2012


Thanks for your reply. Very helpful and reassuring.

2 Jul, 2012


Thanks Snoopdog.

2 Jul, 2012

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