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Hi There--Here's a poser! I bought on recommendation from a garden centre last year, EXOCHARDA MACRANTHA "THE BRIDE". I was told it was ideal for growing against a wooded fence. Howvever, it's a year old now, about 2 1/2 ft and has developed, what I now understand to be it's expected weeping habit. Has anyone ever tried or succeeded to train or at least tie along a fence? I have a feeling it may look a bit odd? Maybe I've made a bad choice and as it probably gets too big(only a limited space), I'm maybe best cutting my losses (so to speak). Any suggestions of a replacement against a 6ft high wooden fence with about 4ft overall space to spread? Not Clematis, Honeysuckle ,Pyracantha or Ivy. Perhaps something with year round interest?--( Guess I'm being fussy now!)I'm looking for a mastermind out there to help on this one--sorry no pic at moment ( fence west facing)--Thnks Ian



i think it will look good against fence i think it will fill space nicely not every thing growing needs to be trained up/down/sideways.

30 Jun, 2012


Exochorda is a lovely plant - but if you wanted something that went up and out in front of the fence, its not going to do that, Ian (sorry, Snoop...)
Does it have to be a plant you can 'train' so that its flat against the fence, or can it be something freestanding that gets 6 by 4? I was wondering about Euonymus japonica 'aureopicta' - upright growth, no flowers worth mentioning, but can be clipped, has bright evergreen variegation, looks great in winter, but its freestanding.

30 Jun, 2012


I have the same problem with my seems to be a bit slow to get going. This year it is very definitely 'weeping' and I need to get in to tie it to the support wires. Lovely plant though. As an alternative I would suggest Euonymus...oh, I see Bamboo already has. I have E. fortuneii 'Emerald and Gold' but it does take an age to get going...sits there looking at you for about 3 years and then goes off like a rocket and makes an absolutely beautiful evergreen fence covering plant! :D

30 Jun, 2012


thats fine bamboo you know my knowledge of flowers/shrubs etc is very small .i was picturing something we had in our garden.a bridal wreath spiarea as gaynor just put me right again haha xxx steve

30 Jun, 2012


Yea, Snoop, but you're good with veggies and what I know about those could be written on the head of a pin, as you know...

30 Jun, 2012


or a small climbing rose...

30 Jun, 2012


Hi Ian, Terratoonie did a blog back in April about this shrub. If you type Terratoonie into the search box and find the blog named EXOCHARDA ... I love the blossom, you'll see she has it growing nicely up a fence.

Mine is in an island bed and weeping although I believe you can have them growing against a fence or stand alone :-)

As a replacement there is always Passion Flower.

30 Jun, 2012


Thanks, Dawn for referring to my blog where I've successfully grown Exochorda Macrantha The Bride against a 7ft fence with trellis in front. I've tied the branches carefully to accentuate the beautiful weeping habit of the Exochorda.

My blog link =

Snoop is right. It can look lovely against a fence and doesn't grow all that quickly. Don't dig it out. They can look gorgeous !

I have evergreens such as Berberis and Pyracantha growing nearby to provide some winter interest.

1 Jul, 2012


Hi TT :). Glad you saw the question. Just goes to show that blogs such as yours are brilliant for reference.

1 Jul, 2012


Thanks Dawn :o)))

2 Jul, 2012

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