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why isn't my bamboo plant growing


By Loweth

United Kingdom Gb

i bought a bamboo plant 2 years ago and it's hardly grown and i don't know why



can you tell us where abouts it is and what type? and also the type of soil its in. I think but Im a newbie so may well be wrong, these are pretty slow growing plants anyway especially in our climates.

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22 May, 2009


There is a variagated dwarf bamboo. I have one that is 2-3years old. It has only grown to 50 cm tall max, but it is spreading sidewards. Is your's growing in any direction?

22 May, 2009


I bought a supposed phyllostachys nigra or black bamboo three years ago - it was very small. It has finally grown a few thin shoots but they haven't gone black yet. My daughter assures me its the right one but its extremely slow growing. If yours was small to start with it does apparently take quite a while as they have to make roots first. So keep hoping, Loweth

22 May, 2009

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