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Hello everyone!
I have a serious problem/virus with my cherry trees this year. They are/were healthy in spring with the normal blossom. Probably due to a lot of rain this year they now have leaf curl! More importantly they are producing a nasty black residue which is falling on the plants beneath which is beginning to destroy them. My question is: as it is impossible to treat the cherry trees and the virus because it is probably too late but more to the point the trees are too big, what should I do and how should I treat the plants underneath in order to preserve the for now and the future. (there are some annuals but also some shrubs)
I really would like some help here. Tank you in advance.



It doesn't sound like virus. Are you sure it isn't a bad aphid invasion? Have a close look on the underside of affected leaves. Aphids produce honeydew that does grow that horrible black residue that drops on things.

28 Jun, 2012

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