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By Catrose

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have grown spuds in a bag for the first time and they are HUGE! The plants that is, not the potatoes. I thought that the green bit was only supposed to be about 3 foot, these are easily double that. Was in a rather shady part of the garden, bit better now the conifer has been chopped down. Does it mean all the energy has gone into the plants and very little into the actual spuds? They have a few buds on but no flowers yet. Thanks!



Hi Catrose and welcome to GoY. Potatoes, like most vegetables, do best if grown in an open sunny position. Your potato tops have grown as tall as they have because they were seeking light. The only way you'll discover if you've got a good crop is when you check on them which you can do by putting your hand down into the soil and feeling around. Our first early potatoes have been in for about 12 weeks now and are only the size of marbles. We're putting that down to the cold, wet weather and the lack of sunlight. Hopefully they will grow larger.

28 Jun, 2012


Silly question, but, you are topping the compost up in the bag? In a shady area the green growth will be drawn towards the light. On my allotment last year, had I tied them up, my potato tops would have been about 3 - 4 feet high. I cannot say I am totally convinced that bag growing is worth the effort and cost.

28 Jun, 2012


Hum, unfortunately I don't have a lot of choice about where to grow, so it prob is too shaded. Oh well! Thanks for your replies, appreciate it.

28 Jun, 2012

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