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Can you buy alliums already grown or do you have to wait and plant bulbs in Autumn ?


By Sallyc

United Kingdom Gb

I'd like to plant the already flowering alliums rather than wait until Autumn



Sorry Sallyc you have to plant the bulb in autumn and wait for it to grow and flower the following year, I have heard of folk buying ready grown in pots and planting out but not discovered and would expect to be expensive. Meanwhile there are lots of other plants you can grown and buy

20 May, 2009


Yes you can buy them in pots from the garden centre but they are horribly expensive.......its your choice

20 May, 2009


Hmmmm, well. I have an Alium and I bought it ready potted for £1.99 although I think it was reduced for some reason.

The foilage has already died down, but there are 4 or 5 flowering stems on it, so maybe have a mooch around and you might find one. It's not the healthiest plant I've ever seen but hopefully next year, it'll be a goodun. :o)

20 May, 2009


Allium leaves naturally die back before the bulb flowers Llew

20 May, 2009


one of our gc sells them 1 per pot for £1.50. they trim the yellowing leaves just to tart them up abit.
it is certainly cheaper to buy the bulbs in the autumn and start them off in pots.

20 May, 2009


Oh, yes. I know, Mageth. :o) I was just explaining, lol. Probably doing the grandmother and egg thing though, ha, ha.

It's a pity about the foilage though 'cause boy does it make for an ugly plant. :o(

20 May, 2009


sorry Llew

21 May, 2009

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