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I have a 6-foot Robinia Frisia which is now in its 3rd summer and


By Pammy

United Kingdom Gb

has been planted in open ground, but this year so far there is no sign of life - the main trunk of the tree did not even produce leaves last summer. There is one small thorny twig-like branch coming up from the base and that produced a few leaves last year. The top of the tree seems very brittle. Would it do any harm if I 'cut' the tree down to about 3-foot?



Hello Pammy..........I think that's a good idea, it should be in leaf now. I have one the same age and it has been in leaf for weeks. It sounds like it's very weak.

20 May, 2009


I remembered reading the following page a while back and thought it might possibly apply to your tree. You'll need to cut and paste into your browser.

20 May, 2009

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