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identify this plant please

england, United Kingdom Gb

looks like a gound cover plant love to no what it is many thanks




There is a phlox that has flowers like this and is in bloom now. But I can't tell what the leaves are like - are those narrow lanceolate leaves part of it? Leaves are extremely important for plant ID

20 May, 2009


If not flox Mim's could it be tumbling Ted (Saponaria Ocymoides)

20 May, 2009


i agree, this looks just like my 'Tumbling Ted'

20 May, 2009


Not Phlox, they have 5 petals and this has only 4.
Agree with Saponaria too.

20 May, 2009


Saponaria,- also called 'Soapwort'. You can trim it a bit after flowering, just so as to keep it in shape.

21 May, 2009


Well I'll be damned - yea it could be Saponaria, but the funniest thing is the common name (see my blog on using Latin names). This plant you call Tumbling Ted is known hereabouts as Bouncing Bet! I rest my case....

22 May, 2009


Bouncing bet is the tall S.officinalis. and it is a pretty shell pink but a thug too.

27 May, 2009

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